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  • Alarm and CCTV Installation January 11, 2017

    Your home is your castle - but with burglaries on the rise, feeling safe in your own home can be difficult. Being robbed of your possessions is bad, but most victims of a break in report that the feeling of being invaded and violated is far worse. Raising your security levels doesn't need to mean high fences, guard dogs and steel bars on your doors - intruder alarms and CCTV

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  • Protect Your Home August 2, 2016

    Your front doors are the primary route of entry and exit into the house. You can improve home security by making simple adjustments to your front door. AL Security  can advise you on your home security and carry out all the work! Door, frames and locks - Wooden doors A rim latch (Yale type) on its own is not sufficient. The door should also be fitted preferably with a

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  • Burglar Alarm Advice May 7, 2015

    Burglar Alarm Falkirk & Stirling Most burglars are definitely put off by alarms. Our professional alarm service in Falkirk and Stirling has been helping domestic and commercial customers protect their property for over a decade. Although an alarm is an excellent deterrent in its own right, everybody, including the police and your insurers, will expect you to also achieve a min

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